Transformus’ Board of Directors:

To contact us, please email [email protected]

Name and title/position/dutyBio
Dutch - PresidentDriving away from the Greeters on the playa in 2006 I knew I’d found my community - a mythical place I never dreamed existed until a close friend suggested Burning Man. In the dust someone told me there was a burn closer to home - Transformus - but I was skeptical until 2008 when on a lark I drove to a work/play weekend and immediately was assimilated into the special magic we weave here. It was an honor in 2010 to interview for the planning committee and this led to an invitation to the board in 2011. I try my best to represent the community and to keep our event strong and safe from all threats to its magical essence.
Firefly - Vice President and TreasurerFirefly has been involved in organizing theme camps since her second Transformus in 2008 and is one of the founders of Pretty Titty Bang Bang. In 2011 she joined the City Planning Team as co-lead and also began working with the BOD to help out where needed and contribute to some of the broader planning for the burn. firefly has been serving as Treasurer since 2014 and is humbled to take on the additional role of VP in 2016. She is thrilled to be working and playing alongside the extraordinary community that is Transformus.
JoeJoe - SecretaryI first came to Transformus in 2005 as a budding fire spinner and unknowing sparkle pony. Upon discovering just how amazing this community was, I immediately dived in without reservations. I’ve volunteered on a multitude of teams since then, however most folks probably know me due to my efforts around the burn field. Every year since 2008 I have had the distinct pleasure of being either Conclave Co-lead, Lead, or Effigy Burn Coordinator. I count serving on the BoD for this community, which I care so much about, as one of the most humbling and major accomplishments of my life thus far. Putting my cat herding skills to use to help produce and protect an event close to all our hearts keeps me busy and happy.
ConwayI have been attending Burning Man and Transformus since 2007, and organizing the Party Liberation Front at Transformus since 2008. I became a board liaison for Transformus 2014, and am now an official BOD member. On the playa, I’m a manager at Burning Man Information Radio. I like long walks on the beach, fluffy kittens, and large amounts of sub-bass 🙂
Andi - HistorianMy first burn was Burning Man ‘07, where I learned of the existence of regionals. I moved to NC in ‘08, attended the work/play/Townhall weekend, and was hooked. I’ve volunteered for many teams over the years, and I can usually be found behind a camera. I joined the BoD as a liaison in 2013 and served on the Ignite! planning committee in 2014. I officially joined the BoD that same year and continue to serve as an advisor to the Ignite! Planning Association. Serving the Transformus community continues to be intensely gratifying and I am honored beyond words to be a part of this beautiful, inspiring, and ridiculous tribe.
Kurtal IciousI was brought to my first Transformus in 2009 and have never looked back. Since that fateful event (in which there were definitely Saran Wrap and a stripper pole involved), I have lead or co-lead Traffic (2011-12) and Art Grants (2012-14). I became a BOD Liaison in 2013 and a full BOD member in 2014. Transformus has destroyed, created, edified, and mystified me since the beginning, and I am eternally grateful to be a part of the process that makes this madness happen.
CarterIntroduced to the Transformus community in ‘08. First Tfus was ‘10, and was immediately hooked due to the rain. Volunteered in a variety of teams throughout the years, and was asked to be a BoD Liason for the 2014-2015 year. Became a full BoD member 2016, and am grateful to be contributing in such a way to our wonderful community. I enjoy being on shift for burn night, and sunrises. I have never been in the lake(s).
Catbird - LiaisonCatbird was introduced to the Burn community in 2009 when she attended her first Transformus. Since then, she has made it home every year except one (2012). She became the Team Lead for Communications in 2013 and stepped into her liaison role in 2015. Her favorite part of Burn this Booklet is the index.
Collette - LiaisonMy first Transformus was in 2011 when a close friend told me we were going on a “camping trip with a few friends” Wowzers! My life changed that weekend. I quit my job in Quebec and moved back to Charlotte right away to be a part of this community. Ever since I have tried to be a part of any and every team I was capable of helping. Burning is my life, and the life of my husband Skyote. I am very excited to take on this new role as liaison and help my burn family even further!
Jessamyn - LiaisonI’ve been attending Transformus every year since 2006 when my entire neighborhood decided to all camp together and create Philosopherz Stone. Since then I’ve started other camps with friends, volunteered like crazy for many teams, attended other regional events, and also was the co-lead for Logistics for the last 4 years. Conway stole my line about long walks on the beach, so I’ll have to go with I LOVE CATS.