Ticket and Sticker Design Contests

The Sticker And Ticket Contest Winners Are Here!

Thank you and congratulations to Katlyn “Kat” Wyllie for submitting “Growth,” our winning selection for both stickers & tickets this year.  The winning designs are below and will be available at the burn as gifts for you to bring home.  Thank you to everyone in the community who voted, and especially to our wonderful artists who created so many amazing designs for us to choose from.

2016 Transformus Ticket_Sticker

2016 Transformus Ticket_Back (2)

2016 Transformus Ticket2_Front (2)

Tickets and Stickers are part of our yearly gifts to the community and are featured prominently in people’s pictures, homes, cars, notebooks, and memories.

*Please note* for fairness all voting will be blind, and the public will not know the submitting artist. All artists should refrain from posting publicly which submission is theirs. Any artist found promoting their contest entry may have their entry disqualified. This design contest is based on the works submitted, not the popularity of the artist.


Ticket Design templates:


Ticket Design Requirements


Required Front Side Content:

  • The word “Transformus” – Transformus XIII/ Transformus 13/ Transformus 2016 are also acceptable.
  • Circular Transformus logo.
  • Text “transformus.com“.
  • Event dates “July 14th – July 18th” (or some format thereof).
  • Event location “Deerfields”.
  • Adequate open space along one side for automatic ticket numbering (you can put an example ticket number in that space).


Required Back Side Content:

You voluntarily assume the risk of serious injury or death by attending this event! This ticket is a revocable license and there are no refunds. Commercial vending, advertising, and cash transactions of any kind on the premises will not be tolerated. Firearms, fireworks, rockets and all other explosives prohibited. You agree to cooperate with all guidelines set forth in the survival guide. Leave nothing behind when you leave. You personally assume all liability for any injury, illness or other type of personal loss which you may experience at the event. Transformus LLC and the volunteer staff are not liable for any damage or loss of personal property. You understand that Transformus is radically self-expressive, may contain mature themes, is radically inclusive and potentially dangerous. Possession, sale, distribution, and/or consumption of illegal drugs and distribution of alcohol to minors are violations of federal law. It is your responsibility to respect all state and federal rules and regulations. No lifeguards at all: use the lakes at your own risk. No pets allowed.


Sticker Design

Sticker docs:

Sticker Design requirements: