Carter – President

I’ve been attending Transformus since 2010, but it first took several years of hanging out with and working with Mysterians in Wilmington, NC. I was hooked after seeing how our community rallied together against a shared adversity, the rain.  In ’13 and ’14, I was awarded Art Grants, and in 2015 was asked to join the Board of Directors. For this current iteration of the board, I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve as the President. I am passionate about processes, policies, and acculturation of leadership.

Jellyfish – Vice President

I had my first burn experience in 2010 at Transformus. I helped found the theme camp Arcana with some wonderful friends in 2012. I haven’t missed a year of Transformus or Ignite since. I helped found Mystery Radio and served on the TLC in 2017. I’m interested in experiments with distributed leadership, volunteer communities, and temporary autonomous zones. I also play with technology, like our websites.

Kricket – Treasurer

My first Transformus ticket was purchased in 2009 with a money order and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Before I set up my tent, I knew I wanted to be part of the magic which enveloped me. My desire to gift each participant the ability to see the beauty of our culture and the potential for life changing moments swelled as I drove down the winding road leading back to a world filled with anger, judgement, and limitations. I begged to be part of Greeters, spending the next 6 years striving to discover new and  innovative ways to welcome our participants Home with a shake of education, a pinch of fun, and a sprinkle of love. I believe in the power of education as a foundational building block of not only our community but also the continuation of our culture. I enjoy the challenge as I continue to evolve both personally and in my role within our family of burns.

Abi – TLC Representative

I first attended Transformus in 2010 and have been falling deeper down the rabbit hole ever since.  I joined the IPA in 2015 and switched over to the TLC in the fall of 2016, and joined the BOD in the fall of 2018.  I don’t spin fire, don’t DJ, get confused about colors and can’t really even draw stick figures – but I am really enthusiastic about well-written policy and show up for meetings. My level of calm is directly inverse to the level of chaos around me.  If you ever can’t find me it’s possible I ran away to Pittsburg.  

Artina – Secretary, IPA Representative

2014 changed my life and introduced me to the Ignite! and Transformus communities. From the minute I arrived, I was hooked.  I became the Transformus Communications Lead in 2015-2018, Ignite! Sparks Scouts Lead in 2016-2017, joined the IPA in 2018, and the BOD in 2019.  I enjoy sharing my leadership skills with our community and being a voice for everyone involved. I never knew I was lost until I found my Home and will be forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such amazing, talented, dynamic, and eclectic people.