Virtual Burn 2020

One of the ways we can engage with each other as a community is to get together virtually. To help facilitate this we’ve created a community events calendar so you can find out what’s going on and share your events.

What kind of events should go on this calendar?
Share a DJ live stream, a video chat meetup, an online gaming session, a dance party, a video stream of your bonfire, flow performance, or puppet show. The only limit here is your imagination!

What should not go on this calendar?
This calendar is like being at a burn. All of the 11 Principles apply here

Do not post any events that are commercial in nature. If you’re selling something or charging for services post it elsewhere. We’ve got a great list of burner-owned businesses we’re sharing in our Ignition Assistance section.

Do not post illegal content or activities to this calendar. Civic responsibility means we abide by all federal, state, and local laws. What’s legal where you are may not be legal where others are. Use your best judgment. If you’re not sure, reach out and ask for guidance.

Do not post events that take place over several days. They spam up the calendar and make it messy. We’ll delete them. If the event is recurring please submit a new form for each event.

Ready to share you event?
Let’s get started!

To put your event directly onto the calendar immediately simply fill out this form.

Need help? Email our volunteers and we’ll give you an assist.
[email protected]